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by Stopsun on May 6, 2010

A lot of you have asked me about what is legal and not legal when it comes to window tint for your car, and even though Stop The Sun, Inc. only does residential and commercial projects and does not do any type of window tinting for automobiles, we still wanted to provide some information to help you, our customer, out:

Legal Window Tint Information:

Automobile window tinting reduces the visible light transmission (VLT) through car windows. This can be problematic at night, when motorists must be able to see through the windows of other vehicles in order to spot hazards which would otherwise be obstructed. Police also may want to be able to identify the passengers in a vehicle.

In many jurisdictions, there are laws to ensure darkness of films do not present a danger to motorists:

Here are Tint Limits by U.S. state:

State VLT State VLT State VLT
Alabama 32% Louisiana 40% Ohio 50%
Alaska 70% Maine 50% Oklahoma 25%
Arizona 33% Maryland 35% Oregon 35%
Arkansas 25% Massachusetts 35% Pennsylvania 70%
California 70% Michigan 70% Rhode Island 70%
Colorado 27% Minnesota 50% South Carolina 27%
Connecticut 35% Mississippi 28% South Dakota 35%
Delaware 70% Missouri 35% Tennessee 35%
Florida 28% Montana 35% Texas 25%
Georgia 32% Nebraska 35% Utah 43%
Hawaii 35% Nevada 28% Vermont 70%
Idaho 35% New Hampshire 70% Virginia 43%
Illinois 35% New Jersey 100% Washington 35%
Indiana 30% New Mexico 20% West Virginia 35%
Iowa 70% New York 70% Wisconsin 50%
Kansas 35% North Carolina 32% Wyoming 28%
Kentucky 35% North Dakota 70%

As a reminder, Stop The Sun, San Diego’s Premiere Window Film Dealer does not do any type of automobiles.  We only deal with flat glass on residential and commercial buildings.  For your flat glass needs, please give us a call or contact us through email!

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